⛰️In Dalat there are many beautiful places. So we can't do all statistics. Now we just show you some ticket prices of the most famous places to visit normally of customers, when they arrive in Dalat below👇
Hydrangea Farm 30.000/1 person
Cable car 80.000/1 person/ 1 way
Van thanh flower village 100.000/1 person
Que garden 70.000/1 person
Light garden 150.000/1 person
Fresh garden 120.000/1 person
Clay tunnel 90.000/1 person
Poungour Waterfall 50.000/1 person
F flower field 100.000/1 person
Valley of love 250.000/1 person
King Palace one 90.000/1 person
Grennland two 100.000/1 person
Train station 5000/1 person
Puppy farm 60.000/1 person
Datanla Waterfall 200.000/1 person to take roller-coaster 
Blue water 200.000/1 person to take pick up van
Thuy thuan coffee 100.000/1 person
Langbiang mountain 50.000/1 person and 120.000/1 person to take jeep car up.

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